4th Transnational Meeting in Cika-Albania

Testing in full implementation...

The steering and technical meetings and the thematic workshop were organized by Municipality of Himara. The topics and the field visits of the Thematic workshop presented were evaluated, selected and agreed with the working group of Himara Municipality, the external experts of RCDC, local stakeholders and elected representatives of the administrative units that are hosted within the wider territory of Himara.

An introduction to the project and frequent exchange of ideas on boosting tourism by integrating Cika’s assets into the tourism product were the topics of individual meetings held with these stakeholders for almost two years.

The local part of the workshop was divided in three days:

• September 19th PM: Presentation of Himara Tourism Development Strategy.

• Thursday, September 20th: Field Visit.

• Friday, September 21st 9h00: Feedback session from Partners.

On Thursday, September the 20th partners spent the whole day in the field visits related mainly to 6 criteria of the EMbleMatiC dimension:

C.7 Particular ecosystem

C.8 Mediterranean cultural identity

C.6 Picturesque landscape

C10 Historic places

C.1 Population

C.5 Power of Inspiration