International Conference “EMbleMatiC ecojourneys: developing alternative sustainable tourism in Mediterranean hinterland areas”

It was time to meet us and our results!!!!

After 3 years of intensive work between the 10 partners representing 9 Mediterranean mountains from 5 countries  (Albania, France, Greece, Italy, Spain), time came to  promote  and  disseminate  the  results among others mountains areas, local authorities involved in sustainable tourism issues, others networks of mountains or linked to Mediterranean areas. That’s why EMbleMatiC partners organised this international conference, in Anogia, Crete, Greece on 1st and 2nd of October 2019.

Who participated?

All   the   stakeholders participating   in  the   definition   and   the   implementation   of   sustainable   tourism policies/projects including:

  • local  authorities (technical  staff) involved  in sustainable  tourism  projects  or  strategies  local  or  regional levels
  • elected representatives/decision-makers from local authorities
  • managers from tourism NGO/organisations: tourism office...
  • national or European network of mountains, of Mediterranean areas....
  • sustainable tourism experts
  • European representatives: European commission, Member of the European Parliament

You can find the conference report, the final agenda and the link to register below.