1st Thematic Workshop in Canigo Mountain (France)

Getting to know Canigo & territorial marketing and preservation

The final outcome of the 1st Thematic Workshop was for the partnership to define the terms of reference for the recruitment of the supplier in charge of conducting the in-depth study on the emblematic dimension of our territories.
To best prepare each partner to this task and to introduce its territory, the Lead Partner (Syndicat Mixte CANIGO Grand Site) hosting the event arranged:

  • to give each participant (and newcomers to the network) a proper local experience of each of the 6 emblematic criteria as defined on the charter of our EMM network. This was achieved through field visits (with relevant mediators, the choice of local services, a musical evening…)
  • to invite presenters on related initiatives: Associate Partner Reseau des Grands Sites de France on a national qualitative network which values inspired EMM network and an academic geographer to bring a higher perspective.