Studying phase in full operation grasp what constitutes the common foundation of the emblematic dimension

The strategic objective of the appointed contractor is to study in depth, qualify and reveal precisely the common components characterizing the emblematic dimension of each involved coastal mountainous territory, before consolidating them into a set of shared values underlying the singularity of the Emblematic Mediterranean Mountains network, with the view of using them at different operational levels.

The aim is to grasp what constitutes the common foundation of this emblematic dimension on all aspects: environmental, social, economic, societal/sociological and cultural/heritage.

The contractor participated in the Thematic Workshop of the 1st Transnational meeting, where a Special session was dedicated to the study and the actions related to it.

The specific objectives of the contractor's mission are:

  • To seek an external view on our initial attempt to define our common Emblematic dimension/sense of place, in order to enhance it in the interest of the network and of this project.
  • To define the common foundation of our network as a factor of differentiation when defining a common positioning in relation to sustainable tourism.
  • To offer concrete advices and operational recommendations on future eco-tourism products to better manage flows and returns in our respective hinterland coastal territories.
  • To pro-actively/actively involve local stakeholders of each territory into this qualification process of the emblematic dimension of their territory and the network.