When & where

In 2013...

the network of Emblematic Mediterranean Mountains was launched under the initiative of three rural areas in France (Canigó), Greece (Olympus), and Bulgaria (Pirin) working within the framework of their local LEADER programmes. Using this innovative method of local development which allows local actors to develop an area by using its endogenous development potential, the network embraced two more mountains soon after the creation; Pedraforca (Spain) and Sainte-Victoire (France).

In 2014...

the initial partners continued the implementation of the actions of the project funded from Leader.


In the meanwhile, Massif du Canigó scanned the potential mountains that could participate in the network.

In 2015...

newcomers were invited to a preparatory meeting in Sainte-Victoire: the EMbleMatiC partnership of the Interreg MED programme was formed. During this meeting common issues and territorial imbalances were defined, shared values and desired tourism development models were underlines, whilst successes and good practices were presented and discussed.


From 2016 until 2019...

the project will focus to qualify Emblematic Mediterranean Mountains as Coastal destinations of excellence.

Geographical coverage...

of the EMbleMatiC project consists of nine mountains from five countries: all have strong connection to the Mediterranean Sea and its coast. suggest ot make more evidence of the Countries.

In France  Canigó and Sainte-Victoire
In Greece  Olympus and Ida (Psilorotis-Crete)
In Italy   Etna and Gran Sasso
In Spain  Pedraforca (Catalunya) and Serra de Tramuntana (Mallorca)
In Albania  Cika