Our key deliverables

for our studying phase

  • a common methodological framework for the characterization of the “emblematic dimension” of each territory with a participative approach  (but also a way to appreciate the eligibility of future mountains to join the network)
  • an in depth study of the EMbleMatiC dimension of our territories' tourism destinations.

for our testing phase

  • A marketing brief for an EMbleMatiC SLOW TOURISM PRODUCT in the coastal Mediterranean mountains area.

            Partner CETT will capitalise on the results of the study to decline them into a more operational shared frame of reference for each partner to launch its own pilot action.

  • Creation of 9 EMbleMatiC slow tourism eco-itineraries: each one developing the emblematic dimension specific to each partner territory whilst including the common emblematic elements listed in the marketing brief.

for our transferring phase

  • a quality referential for the EMM (EMbleMatiC Mediterranean Mountains) network, as costal destinations of excellence.
  • a transfer guide for the implementation of eco-itinerary for Emblematic Mediterranean Mountains as coastal destinations of excellence.

          Its purpose will be to disseminate the lessons we learnt and provide practical recommendations. 

for our communication actions

  • a shared umbrella brand based on our sustainable and responsible tourism approach
  • common communication tools (posters, videos, guides...)

for the management of the project

  • common monitoring and reporting tools for the management of the project according to defined methodology and Programme’s guidelines.